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15 Sep 2008 20:44
Icon Okay, I heard this question several times and perhaps there is more than 1 month since last post, perhaps it's good to post an answer before someone else asks again. Why the hell is webcam always offline? We want pictures!!! ...
-- Ghaan
08 Jul 2008 00:46
Icon Almost 2 months ago me and my band had first public concert in Prievidza. Strunobranie was great and we enjoyed it much although we didn't play that great *cough* *cough* ...
-- Ghaan
14 Mar 2008 16:29
Icon My logo submission has won as the best logo proposal among several others for the POBICOS project. POBICOS is a IT research project supported and funded by the European Union . This is a big plus for my design skills! Embarassed ...
-- Ghaan
07 Feb 2008 17:54
Icon Ok, it's February 2008 so perhaps it's time to make resolutions for the new year, uhhhhh? Smile Ok so my resolution is that I will update my website more regularly. ...
-- Ghaan
27 Dec 2007 14:15
Icon You know what to do... make love, drink alcohol, ... err I mean bring joy, love, laughter and presents to other people, meet your family and survive Tuesday's hangover Smile
-- Ghaan
02 Nov 2007 11:50
Icon First class is behind us, next two are waiting. I hope you enjoyed the class about Photoshop and, of course, you are welcome to to next lessons about Macromedia Flash. ...
-- Ghaan
16 Oct 2007 14:43
Icon Moment??lne si ako bas??k hĞad??m kapelu z PB/PU/IL/TN a okolia. Preferovan?? ??t??l rock, pop, funky, m??e by?? i niečo in?, nie v??ak punk. Po ukončen? ??t??dia na V? ma u? nebav? by?? s??m kapela Smile Tak pokiaĞ m??te z??ujem, pros?m, ozvite sa!
-- Ghaan
03 Oct 2007 17:45
Icon Here are lyrics to Babylon 5's episode Walkabout. Maybe you remember the songs by Cailyn when Dr. Franklin was doing his "walkabout" and arrived into a small local pub. Cailyn was singing a beautiful slow song starting with "do you remember". The other song was at the very end of the episode. Both lyrics are written by John Michael Straczynski, the producer of Babylon 5, Christopher Franke wrote the music - lines in brackets are original lyrics that didn't appear in the episode. I eventually got both songs as MP3, you can buy a CD on Internet but that's not really what I was looking for. I just wanted these 2 songs. I edited them in Audacity to my needs and now they sound great Smile ...
-- Ghaan
05 Sep 2007 17:01
Icon When the day comes and you will cry, call me, I can't promise I will make you smile but I can promise I will cry with you. When the day comes and you will not want to hear anyone, call me and I will be quiet. Sometimes the life is like a beautiful melody, sometimes it's a hard fight but never forget that the life is just one and it's only yours... ...
-- Ghaan
05 Sep 2007 16:40
Icon As promised here are my humble experiences about new musical instruments I bought. This happend one month ago and my musical experiences include 2+ years so don't take them too seriously. And because it's not a long time I use my new beloved I'm not going to consider duriability or reliability but I hope it doesn't fail me Smile ...
-- Ghaan

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