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Marián "Ghaan" Miček

Why Ghaan? It's a name I used in one of my short novels I wrote several years ago. I really liked that name so I started to use it as my virtual identity on Internet. Some of my friends call me now Ghaan in real life as well.

I studied marketing at University of Thomas Bata in Zlin and I'm working as freelance webdesigner/programmer. I speak English, German, a bit Spanish and I can kiss well in French. If you'd like to drink beer with me, you have to visit Slovakia or Czech Republic.

"I believe in so called quantum reality - entire world has unlimited but finite number of levels, more or less similar to that ours. Nothing is determined, you can always choose your own path."

Motto: Never underestimate the power of a word.


ICQ ICQ 95950515
Yahoo Yahoo ghaan_torham
Yahoo Skype ghaan_torham
Full name Marián MIČEK, MA.
Origin Slovak Republic (unsure; or Mars)
Education University of Thomas Bata, Zlin, Czech Republic
graduated in marketing communications
Languages English, German, Spanish, Czech
Time of birth around 3 am
Height stable 185 cm
Weight unstable 75 kg
Eyes 2, green-blue, shortsighted
Hair yes, a little
Zodiac: aquarius
Sports basketball, ping-pong, swimming
Special sign: bassguitar player
Smoker no
Favorite music band foreign:
  Enigma, Shakira, Mylene Farmer, Lacuna Coil, Hooverphonic
  Jana Kirschner, Monkey Business, -123 min.
Favorite Mexican food I don't eat Mexican food :)
Preferred toilet paper soft (or any)
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