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First experiences on new instruments
05 Sep 2007 16:40
As promised here are my humble experiences about new musical instruments I bought. This happend one month ago and my musical experiences include 2+ years so don't take them too seriously. And because it's not a long time I use my new beloved I'm not going to consider duriability or reliability but I hope it doesn't fail me Smile

New gear: Ibanez SRX300 SLB bass guitar
Before: 2x Jolana something, ancient ones, terrible sound and quality

I like the bass. Originally I wanted a black bass but for the price of around ??300 the Ibanez was the best bass available I could find. In shops I checked they had different 3 colors, I chose this bright blue because it's also the newest manufacted model (manufactured since Dec 2006). The other colors have been manufacted before this date.

The sound is just great. In comparison with my old basses it's 5 classes above. At least. Slapping sounds great, too - well, I'm not a good slapper, still learning, but it's just great. When the bass arrived I replaced the battery (this bass has active electronics) immediately because lot of people had bad experience with the state of shipped battery. And... it played great!! Later I bought new strings and the sounds is more clear now. The shipped strings were not that bad but I can hear the improvement. It's is better now. String replacement would be easy even for your mum.

This instrument is a bit heavy but for a bass it's ok. I bought a new wide guitar belt and it's ok (or maybe because I'm a strong man I don't feel the weight? Smile

Only thing I don't like is that while slapping I can hear the frets buzz. I don't know if it's the bass setup or me slapping. I guess it's the second because sometimes it's not that bad. Sometimes annoying. So sucks must to be me..... Rolling Eyes

I'm still so excited and I practice every day for 1-2 hours. I love bass and especially this one... Smile

New gear: Fender Rumble 100/2x10 bass combo
Before: Behringer (borrowed, unknown model, 2x speakers and solo amplifier), I'm too lazy to find the proper model of that setup

This is a 100 watt combo. I'm not a professional bassist and I needed a combo mainly for home practice. This one suits me well. It has nice clear sound. The equalizer is not really rich, just bass, treble, low and high boost and that's all. I can't really play with the "color" of the sound but it's ok, later I'll buy some better gear for gigs Smile

I also like the CD input so I can play to my favorite songs. With Audacity I remove the bass sounds from songs I want to play completely and then I can play my own bass. Good for practice. Or make a simple (drum) loop and play bass into it.

New gear: Boss GEB-7 bass equalizer
Before: no effect

I bought this effect because this way I can enhance the sound of my bass by boosting any frequency I wish. It is quite cool and the slap sounds lot better with it than without (although my Fender combo has "mid-scoop" feature to do something like this). I prefer to use this Boss eq than the combo's in-built mid-scoop. I can make the bass sound just as a normal guitar without deep bass tones. Really funny for some parts. It's a nice thing to play with even if I get a better combo/amplifier/speakers.

Uh, that's it. Not really much, eh? But it might give you a better look if you're a novice/advanced player. I chose this gear which is not too much expensive but still provides good quality. I'm still learning to play bass and this gear fits me just well. The old bass was very terrible and I needed this change to put myself to a new level. And even for this month I can feel I play better than before. In 2 weeks I'm going to play with my former band back from studies in Czech Republic so it will be a great weekend. I can't wait for it and show them my new instrument and skills Smile
-- Ghaan

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