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Ghaan on the roll!
08 Jul 2008 00:46
Almost 2 months ago me and my band had first public concert in Prievidza. Strunobranie was great and we enjoyed it much although we didn't play that great *cough* *cough*

We had to borrow drummer and got new singer. Unfortunately the singer didn't last long and she left us. That would be.... uh, like 5th singer that tried to sing with us? But I hope it's not us, just the situation Smile The judges (this was a competition too but we didn't play for the competition but because we need experiences) said the music was okay, just the singing struggled a little bit. I cannot blame the girl who sung, it was not her fault as she had little time for practice with us. I enjoyed at most Zombie by Cranberries. This song is quite simple and easy to play but it's great and I just love it.

So the result is: we played quite good, it wasn't 100% but good and I'm looking forward to stand on the stage again!

PS: Pictures will come soon!
-- Ghaan

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