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Why is webcam offline?
15 Sep 2008 20:44
Okay, I heard this question several times and perhaps there is more than 1 month since last post, perhaps it's good to post an answer before someone else asks again. Why the hell is webcam always offline? We want pictures!!!

Well, the answer is quite easy. Why would you want to peek in my privacy? I mean, you're not some kind of voyeur or something... Smile But the answer is really simple, it's just because I don't have fast network connection at home (I use GPRS/EDGE), so I just can't turn it on. Anyway, I'm travelling these days and I just don't bother with webcam.

Anyway, it's funny how some people reveal their privacy to the anonymous Internet world. Some time ago I've read an article that most people on Internet actually use real bio info in their virtual identities. Of course, people tend to make themselves nicer, smarter, whatever but most of them just don't (and if you are just a little bit skilled in computers, it's not that difficult to make yourself on pictures or videos more beautiful).

Anyway, here's this Youtube HOWTO video how to enhance your pictures:

-- Ghaan
Mr. Cool
22 Mar 2010 18:10
whats up Bro?...

Love your website. But most of all your new bike.

-- Henry Dell

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