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03 Aug 2007 15:33
Icon I recently bought Ibanez SRX300 bass guitar, Fender Rubmle 100, 2x10 combo and Boss GEB7 bass effect equalizer. I'll post first experiences soon Smile
-- Ghaan
09 Jul 2007 09:55
Icon This morning (8.30am GMT), as usual, I checked Apache Software Foundation RSS feed and starred at it for a while with blank look in my face. Some smart bot or someone managed to hack ASF mailing list (in case they fix it soon, as I hope, here's a screenshot) and post there tones of useless spam. So, now thousands of regular readers know where to buy Viagra and cheap software... great! I'm sick of such spam because something similar happened to several blogs lately (including my own) and I ask myself where's the end of this. Anyway, let's secure our own mailing lists and blogs, add JavaScript "patches" and pray because you may be next... ...
-- Ghaan
03 Jul 2007 17:49
Icon Take newspaper... oh, Paris Hilton jailed! Take another newspaper... oh, Paris Hilton released from jail! Another newspaper... whoa, Paris Hilton on "get drunk like hell" strike again! Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton... Bleh Exclamation Paris Hilton is in, definitely. I see an article in every newspaper I take. I can read about her night club rides, parties, I can know what she's wearing, with whom she slept last night, etc. But why (the hell)? ...
-- Ghaan
13 Jun 2007 14:38
Icon I tried recently the open source VoIP software WengoPhone by OpenWengo organisation. WengoPhone is a VoIP software just like Skype, however, it also supports other chat protocols such as MSN, ICQ, Yahoo or GoogleTalk. And personally, I think it's better than Skype... ...
-- Ghaan
16 May 2007 15:39
Icon Pred dvoma d??ami som obdr?al cez formul??r na str??nkach odkaz "ahoj a na m??a si spom?na??? aspo?? podĞa mena?". No, čo m??m poveda??, naozaj si nespom?nam, preto?e sa dot??čn??/?? zabudol podp?sa??. Tak treba chybu napravi??, aby som si mohol spomen????, ok? S?ce je to len jedna veta, ale i tak mi v??ta hlavou, komu asi ch??bam... Very Happy
-- Ghaan
16 Apr 2007 13:31
Icon Since tier classes have been removed I updated the script to show original tier class names in finger and whois instead of T0 names for all tiers. So this is a reverse functionality than before but if you want to become Terminator again you are encouraged to use this little fool app Smile ...
-- Ghaan
12 Apr 2007 15:26
Icon You do not use IRC? Here are few IRC chats to enlighten you why to start to use IRC (includes Czech/Slovak too Smile ...
-- Ghaan
02 Apr 2007 18:12
Icon Last weekend I spent a fantastic weekend in Prague. I was a part of 25-30 people international pub meeting in "Pod Slavinem". The majority of the people were from Czech Republic and Belgium and few Slovaks. The minority was created by USA. But we understood each other well, maybe because of the good Czech beer... ...
-- Ghaan
23 Mar 2007 16:52
Icon This is a reflection ?? well, try to guess what it is about, what else could bother a university student if not... (more in the article) ...
-- Ghaan
23 Mar 2007 15:43
Icon Toto je ??vaha - no sk??ste h??da?? o čom, čo by u? len mohlo tr??pi?? vysoko??kolsk?ho ??tudenta, ak nie... (viac v čl??nku) ...
-- Ghaan

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