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20 Mar 2007 18:01
Icon Since I use Firefox as default browser I recently figured out that I messed CSS a bit so the page didn't look good in Explorer. I fixed this bug few months ago, but apparently I made the same mistake again and for few days/weeks(?) the website look ugly again. Now it's fixed... (anyway, I think I need to rewrite CSS style again Smile
-- Ghaan
12 Mar 2007 13:25
Icon Today is the last day I'm going to teach Erasmus students. ...
-- Ghaan
16 Feb 2007 19:19
Icon This is an update to an update that the website has been updated! The main feature is that you can again add comments to posts so don't hesitate and run to write!!! Smile I have also added some new pictures so if you like watching horrors... ...
-- Ghaan
16 Feb 2007 19:14
Icon Tak som konečne zaktualizoval str??nky a pridal p??r fotografi?. Teraz je u? taktie? mo?n? op??? p?sa?? koment??re k jednotliv??m čl??nkom, akur??t budem musiet prida?? nejak?? nov?? "feature" proti spamu, lebo zase mi m?j blog za chv?Ğu zachyt? nejak?? spamovac? bot, fuj otrava! Crying or Very sad ...
-- Ghaan
14 Feb 2007 17:45
Icon What else I can say! Just love each other and make love! Smile
-- Ghaan
13 Feb 2007 15:48
Icon Soon I'm going to update my website to add few enhancements and new pictures. Writing comments on articles will be enabled too. So I hope you check again soon and write something nice to me. Thanks Smile
-- Ghaan
04 Nov 2006 17:27
Icon Because I finished school and I returned to a small village where we live (we moved there from a small town) I am without Internet at the moment. That's terrible! ...
-- Ghaan
13 Sep 2006 14:45
Icon I'm baaaaack... well, this is a really short note just to let all girls in Slovakia know that I'm available for them Very Happy ...
-- Ghaan
09 Aug 2006 15:28
Icon Sitting in a weather in a hot summer day in London... This city is just great, lot of stuff to see, lot of things to do - if you get used to the "atmosphere", in the tourist guide you won't find lot of places with dirty streets, weird people offering you every possible drug you can imagine of... ...
-- Ghaan
09 Jul 2006 22:31
Icon Aaah, holidays! I'm enjoying this hot summer at home but I'm working on plans how to live in Czech Republic, I hope the best and everything works, however, the September can bring lot of pain as well. I won't tell you more because it is still open however I'm doing my best from all heart to change my future...
-- Ghaan

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