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09 Jul 2006 22:29
Icon Because of spam that appeared on my guestbook/forum I was forced to change permissions so only registered users can post here. Sorry for troubles I cause to you and me Crying or Very sad
-- Ghaan
27 Jun 2006 18:59
Icon Okay, we have summer, temperatures are high outside but still it will be cold inside. There are lot of beautiful and sad feelings and as result some poems have been added (read more to see new poems). ...
-- Ghaan
17 Jun 2006 22:34
Icon Today the Slovak elections have been finished. The first results are really disappointing for me, but I expected them. SMER (left-oriented) party has won the elections (results are still not official at the moment) so the dark age can begin. ...
-- Ghaan
13 Jun 2006 23:37
Icon Recently I had an interesting discussion about life and human's destiny. The conversation concerned if our life is determined in advance and everything happens as it goes or you can freely change your future. Can we change our fate or not? ...
-- Ghaan
10 Jun 2006 17:03
Icon I finished this site months ago, I just thought I'd promote it once more because it is a really great music band! ...
-- Ghaan
10 Jun 2006 16:57
Icon I have updated script for Tinyfugue which replaces tier classes with T0 classes. The update reflects "recent" changes in tier class names.
-- Ghaan
04 Jun 2006 00:53
Icon If you believe you can love without feeling pain, then you must believe that you can run through the snow without leaving footprints. ...
-- Ghaan
01 Jun 2006 14:01
Icon A few days ago I went shopping and used a trolley-car to get to the shopping center. I was standing at the very end of the car when suddenly someone's phone was ringing. ...
-- Ghaan
01 Jun 2006 13:39
Icon Short note - I made it!!! *wheeeeee* I'm officialy master of arts (MA.) that means I can put Mgr. in front of my name... ...
-- Ghaan
30 May 2006 23:50
Icon Tomorrow (ok, in 15min it will be today) I will have to pass final exam if I want to receive master diploma. I hope I'm enough ready for this very important day so please, stay with me (and stay tuned for updates). ...
-- Ghaan

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