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26 May 2006 20:36
Icon I was never really into classical music, but in last few weeks I have visited concerts of classical music and the result was - duh, impressing! ...
-- Ghaan
24 May 2006 21:09
Icon Dorgem is a nice and neat application to transfer pictures from your webcam to your website. It eats just about 1 MB of memory, supports FTP and HTTP uploads or can call an external application. It is possible to combine the methods and upload to more websites at once. ...
-- Ghaan
19 May 2006 00:10
Icon I've just added 3 new pictures into Photogallery. Feel free to check them out and write your opinions. Rolling Eyes
-- Ghaan
16 May 2006 21:57
Icon Wheeeee, yesterday I managed to hand over my master thesis. After almost 40 hours of final battle while completing the thesis it was ready. ...
-- Ghaan
12 May 2006 11:52
Icon I've just finished the reading of Ahmadi-Najad's (AN), the Iranian president, letter to Bush. Full text is available at: ...
-- Ghaan
09 May 2006 17:42
Icon Don't forget to check the Gallery section, there is a new link. Guess which one? ...
-- Ghaan
09 May 2006 17:39
Icon These days I'm under pressure as the deadline for master thesis and final exams is comming closer and I have lot of job to do if I want to become master. So most time I just sit at PC and write lot of stuff into computer - I need a break, heeeeeeeeelp!
-- Ghaan
09 May 2006 17:31
Icon I hope you like this improved website. I write this message for 3rd time because something weird happend with database and all posts have been messed up. I had to reinstall the website and phpBB2 forum to get everything work properly again. I hope when I hit the submit button the message will appear and it won't show up in another category Sad ...
-- Ghaan

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