Slovensky English
  • banners and logos, graphic design
  • (X)HTML, DHTML (dynamic) pages
  • CSS driven layouts (fluid design)
  • Flash driven websites
  • AJAX support
  • PHP support
  • JavaScript programming
  • website optimization for search engines
  • real-time news systems
  • on-line virtual shops
  • database support (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, ...)


  • custom application development for your needs
  • online business solutions for small and medium companies
  • researches and reports of commercial webhosting offers
  • website usage & traffic statistics
  • marketing analyses (CPT, visitor profiles, ...)

Additional services

  • promotion of your website in popular search engines
  • renting ads in media and banner exchange systems
  • initial configuration of your website for publishing on Internet
  • networking solutions for small companies
  • Linux/Windows server administration and consulting
  • troubleshooting (file transfers, www publishing, server administration, ...)

If you are interested and want to offer a job, please contact me immediately.

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