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08 Jul 2008 00:46
Icon Almost 2 months ago me and my band had first public concert in Prievidza. Strunobranie was great and we enjoyed it much although we didn't play that great *cough* *cough* ...
-- Ghaan
02 Nov 2007 11:50
Icon First class is behind us, next two are waiting. I hope you enjoyed the class about Photoshop and, of course, you are welcome to to next lessons about Macromedia Flash. ...
-- Ghaan
05 Sep 2007 16:40
Icon As promised here are my humble experiences about new musical instruments I bought. This happend one month ago and my musical experiences include 2+ years so don't take them too seriously. And because it's not a long time I use my new beloved I'm not going to consider duriability or reliability but I hope it doesn't fail me Smile ...
-- Ghaan
03 Aug 2007 15:33
Icon I recently bought Ibanez SRX300 bass guitar, Fender Rubmle 100, 2x10 combo and Boss GEB7 bass effect equalizer. I'll post first experiences soon Smile
-- Ghaan
02 Apr 2007 18:12
Icon Last weekend I spent a fantastic weekend in Prague. I was a part of 25-30 people international pub meeting in "Pod Slavinem". The majority of the people were from Czech Republic and Belgium and few Slovaks. The minority was created by USA. But we understood each other well, maybe because of the good Czech beer... ...
-- Ghaan
12 Mar 2007 13:25
Icon Today is the last day I'm going to teach Erasmus students. ...
-- Ghaan
04 Nov 2006 17:27
Icon Because I finished school and I returned to a small village where we live (we moved there from a small town) I am without Internet at the moment. That's terrible! ...
-- Ghaan
13 Sep 2006 14:45
Icon I'm baaaaack... well, this is a really short note just to let all girls in Slovakia know that I'm available for them Very Happy ...
-- Ghaan
09 Aug 2006 15:28
Icon Sitting in a weather in a hot summer day in London... This city is just great, lot of stuff to see, lot of things to do - if you get used to the "atmosphere", in the tourist guide you won't find lot of places with dirty streets, weird people offering you every possible drug you can imagine of... ...
-- Ghaan
09 Jul 2006 22:31
Icon Aaah, holidays! I'm enjoying this hot summer at home but I'm working on plans how to live in Czech Republic, I hope the best and everything works, however, the September can bring lot of pain as well. I won't tell you more because it is still open however I'm doing my best from all heart to change my future...
-- Ghaan

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