Slovensky English was founded in 2000 as students' information server that should provide various school news and such stuff.

Xitami's name was created after Imatix's company webserver Xitami - this name should be used only for the phase of development and then rename, alhtough, this has never happened. Xitami runs on an own old Duron 950 MHz CPU machine, running Debian Linux and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) combination.

Xitami offers (school) news, comments, SMS gateway & personal adress book, forum, photogallery, school e-mail reader and popular "FT-HELP", an exchange system for various protocols, assigments and works in chemistry and math. Soon, we want to make to re-design Xitami and modify completely its engine because it's quite old.

Unfortunately, Xitami is not officialy supported by the university, so we want to say 'big thanks' to all who provided technical stuff (computer) and support us.

As for now, Xitami is dead and the server is most likely down (perhaps forever).

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