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27 Dec 2007 14:15
Icon You know what to do... make love, drink alcohol, ... err I mean bring joy, love, laughter and presents to other people, meet your family and survive Tuesday's hangover Smile
-- Ghaan
14 Feb 2007 17:45
Icon What else I can say! Just love each other and make love! Smile
-- Ghaan
17 Jun 2006 22:34
Icon Today the Slovak elections have been finished. The first results are really disappointing for me, but I expected them. SMER (left-oriented) party has won the elections (results are still not official at the moment) so the dark age can begin. ...
-- Ghaan
12 May 2006 11:52
Icon I've just finished the reading of Ahmadi-Najad's (AN), the Iranian president, letter to Bush. Full text is available at: ...
-- Ghaan

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