Embracing the Darkness
13 Sep 2018

We turned another light out welcoming Honorable to our clan halls. He complained about the chlorine smell, but we are already fixing it thanks to some scent candles we put around. While we cleared our hall we found a couple of BoogieWoogie ragdolls that are up to donation if someone wants to adopt!

And a new season begin
30 Aug 2018

Welcome, Ferra and Cooler to our ranks. Both are a great addition to our ranks, especially when we have to wash the clan hall with Chlorine after Icecool left a mess here… I hope they don’t flee before they finish their cleaning duties!

The winter is over
13 Aug 2018

Icecool, Nasus and KoopaTroopa felt their yaoi love triangle wasn’t well accepted at the halls of Dak’kon and decided to leave. We wish them all… something!

The winter is coming...
8 Aug 2017

Icecool has been admitted to the clan after a long ritual involving virgin blood and beer for our senior members and him locked in a room with fat people while he danced The Hula naked. Everyone should welcome his bravery!

New sacrifices are coming
5 May 2017

Welcome KoopaTroopa to our ranks.

New zealots
27 Mar 2017

Bye Fairytails. Welcome our new zealots Quintas, Syphera and Reich.

Templar forces are strenghtening
21 Aug 2014

During last few months, we reinforced our team again. Welcome to Vencedor, Avandar and Piffaron!

New applicants minimum requirements
14 Apr 2014

Minimum requirements for applicants are: T2 7class SH (lvl201). 200k earned quest points. 30 warwins. 10k powerups.

Applications Open
2 Aug 2013

Welcome to Jalarai our newest member. Farewell to the crazy Phalae. We will not miss you. Applications are open.

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